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Lux Moves Sydney Valuable Removals


Lux Moves isn’t your average Sydney valuable removals company. We aren’t a bunch of people with a rented truck in Sydney moving people to make a quick buck. Lux Moves was opened for one reason and one reason only… to deliver diamonds and high end jewellery to a worldwide door to door service. Owned by one of Australia’s leading diamond suppliers, sick of couriers ‘losing’ their parcels, decided as the old saying goes, ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’ and boom… Lux Moves Valuable Logistics was born. Lux Moves is proud to be moving valuable items all over the world.


Our staff are highly trained and scrutinized for the valuable logistics industry. You wont see any non-permanent Australian residents or shady characters on our valuable logistics team. We can guarantee your items are handled in the strictest of all conditions by the best in the business.


We take hiding in plain sight to a whole new level by using unmarked vehicles and undercover staff. No more security risks by using targeted marked security vehicles and uniformed staff.


Whether it’s a one carat diamond or one hundred carats worth of diamonds, if you need it moved Lux Moves is here to deliver. Our valuable logistics team caters for businesses and personal collections worldwide.


Lux Moves is proud to be able to handle precious diamonds on a regular basis, from high quality white diamonds to the beyond rare Argyle Diamonds. Not to mention as we are owned by an Australian Diamond Supplier we are also able to point you in the right direction if you are looking for that perfect diamond or investing in diamonds.


Don’t cross your fingers that Australia Post or courier companies will deliver on time or at all. No more parcels going through multiple hands until it reaches your destination. Gone are the headaches from companies with no one to blame if your parcel does go missing.


At Lux Moves you hand your parcel to our valuable logistics team member and it doesn’t leave their hand until it’s delivered. Doesn’t matter where it’s going to, Australia, America, Europe or the North Pole.


When it comes to moving valuable items, Lux Moves delivers on time, every time.

Sydney valuable logistics Lux Moves diamonds
Lux Moves valuable removals moving valuable items


Have you been investing in Precious Metals over the years?

Do you have a collection of gold, silver or platinum bullion? Has it come time to move it to a new location?


This is where Lux Moves come in. Whether you’re a bullion or coin collector, Lux Moves is able to safely and securely move your collection to your new property. Have you sold your collection and need it delivered? No problem, we can take care of that also.


Don’t risk your valuable coin or bullion collection with couriers or unreliable Sydney Moving companies. If you need to move it, do it once and do it right.


Contact our Valuable Sydney Removals team manager for a free quote today.


As with every other Valuable Logistic service that Lux Moves has to offer, Jewellery is no different. Just because it’s small and light doesn’t mean it can be handled with any less care or security as our other Sydney moving services.


Lux Moves handles high end jewellery on a regular basis, moving valuable items to clients and stores worldwide.


Handled with high security and care, Lux Moves is the perfect choice for your jewellery delivery service.


Contact our Valuable Logistics team manager and see how we can help.

Lux Moves jewellery moving valuable items
Lux moves currency moving sydney


Worried about the financial crisis’ going on? Have you been stockpiling cash around your home? Is it now time to move home? Don’t worry Lux Moves is here to help.


Have your cash safely and securely moved to your new home by Lux Moves. Our Sydney valuable removal services leave no stone unturned when it comes to security. We have several methods of moving currency for our clients, all of which are among the safest and most secure on the planet.


Contact our Sydney valuable removals team manager for a free quote.


Please note our Sydney moving currency logistics services are only available for residents within Australia. At this stage we are unable to transport currency internationally.


It doesn’t matter what we’re moving for you, when it comes to your privacy nothing is disclosed to anyone under any circumstance.


Whether it be diamonds, gold, currency or just your standard Sydney moving job. You can rest assured that the Lux Moves valuable logistics team have your privacy in mind every step of the way.


When moving valuable items we take things further by using unmarked trucks and boxes, undercover removalists or even moving in the night.


Contact our Sydney valuable removals team manager today for a free quote.


And remember… at Lux Moves your secret is our secret.

Lux Moves Privacy for moving valuable items