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Lux Moving luxury furniture with Luxury removalists


You’re moving out of a luxury property, filled with luxury items. Do you trust all your possessions with B or C grade Sydney luxury removalists? I think not. You need A+ grade and this is the time to shine for the Lux Moves Luxury Removals Team. Our Sydney Luxury Removals team will have all your luxury furniture set up in your new home in exactly the way you want it, in the exact same condition it left your previous property, if not better. Whether you require Sydney removals or Interstate removals, It’s all a part of our high quality removals package.


Lux Moves specialises in every aspect of moving luxury items. From the preparation and packaging to the storing, moving and unpacking. Speak to our Manager today to discuss your move further for a free quote.


Any Sydney Removalist can move some furniture, well nearly… Yes we’ve heard some horror stories. However what happens when you’ve just spent a whole heap of money on luxury furniture only to have a bunch of grubby fingerprints on it from the removalists. Lux Moves specialises in moving luxury furniture and takes every measure possible to ensure the safe transport of your items to your new property. From white gloves and padded blankets to shrink wrapping and stretch wrapping. We have a whole range of heavy duty packing materials available to accommodate every item safely during transport, however Lux Moves is proud to offer an even higher level.


For the rare, extremely fragile and expensive items we are able to manufacture a custom wooden crate, made specifically for your item and your item only. There is no safer or secure option for packing your items. Used mainly for high end art works, statues and antiques.


Contact Lux Moves to discuss your high quality removals requirements and make a booking with our Sydney luxury removalists today.

Fine art movers moving luxury items and Fine Art removalists for Sydney home and art gallery logistics
Lux Moves Luxury Car Delivery Luxury removals package


Yes, that’s right. Lux Moves not only moves your luxury furniture we can also move you in our luxury vehicles. Need a ride to your new property? Lux Moves has a fleet of chauffer driven luxury vehicles waiting to deliver you to your new home. Go out for a cruise, pamper yourself then come home to your new property when all is done. It’s all a part of our Sydney Luxury Removals package.


Take your pick from a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, McLaren or a Mercedes. You can choose to bring the family along or just ride alone, it’s up to you!


Make an appointment with our Sydney Luxury Removalists and move the right way.


This service requires a minimum of 3 weeks advance booking and surcharges apply.