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moving your fish tank rbta Sydney aquarium removals


If you thought Finding Nemo was hard, Moving him is even harder! But not for our aquarium movers. The Lux Moves Sydney aquarium removals and Fish tank relocation team are among the best removalists in Sydney.


Sydney Aquarium Removals and Fish Tank Relocation is no child’s play. One of the hardest things to move in the industry.


Large aquariums weighing in excess of 250kgs, 15mm and above in glass thickness. They are slippery, wet, fragile and expensive…


Live fish, corals, water and hardware…. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING.


There are no second chances with aquarium removals!


Don’t risk damaging your tank, livestock or yourself. Speak to our Sydney Aquarium Removals manager to discuss moving your aquarium and receive a a free quote today.


How you ask? because we went through it too!  The aquarium movers at Lux Moves are very experienced in the Sydney Aquarium Removal industry. Actually Lux Moves are the only Sydney Removal Company experienced in Aquarium and Livestock removal.


We know how delicate your aquarium is, we know how delicate your livestock is, we know the costs of your whole tank…. Yes, the actual cost, not the lowball prices you told your partner that you paid!


Do you think that gem tang and rbta is going to survive the trip in a bucket of water sitting on your lap in a car ride to your new place? Guess again. Do you think your apex probes can be thrown in a box as is? Nope. It will be a big mistake and a very costly one, so leave it to our professional fish tank relocation team.


You spent thousands of dollars and countless hours setting up your aquarium only to risk losing it all during a home move. We know you don’t want to move your aquarium once it’s all set up, but sometimes we have to.


Lux moves is equipped with all the materials and equipment required to move your aquarium and livestock safely. We take every measure to ensure that the disturbance and stress to your livestock is kept at an absolute minimum, so there will be no water cycle, no ammonia, nitrite or nitrate spikes when setting up the aquarium in your new home. Your corals will open back up happy in a couple of hours, if not happier.


Move your aquarium the right way. Contact our Sydney Aquarium removals manager for the best and most cost effective solution for moving your aquarium.

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Sydney Aquarium delivery cade aquarium redsea aquarium


Are you looking for your first aquarium or looking to upgrade? Lux Moves is also able to deliver your new aquarium straight from the fish store or any place you purchased your aquarium from.


We deliver aquariums for several major fish and aquarium stores Australia wide. So have peace in mind knowing that your new tank is handled by the professionals from the start till the finish.


Lux Moves is also able to organise the purchase and delivery of your new aquarium.


Contact our Sydney Aquarium Removals manager for a no obligation free quote on the delivery of your new aquarium or the whole package from our fish store friends.


Whether it’s a new Cade, RedSea or Custom Built aquarium, our aquarium movers are here to help!


Do you have tricky access? Stairs? Elevators? No problem. We have the equipment and the manpower to tackle any Sydney Aquarium move.